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Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw: Regular Size

Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw
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  • Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw
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  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail Saw

Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw: Regular Size

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After teaching thousands of students to cut dovetails by hand and dealing with the problems they had when using traditional dovetail saws, I decided to design and build a dovetail saw to solve these problems.

My Rob Cosman Dovetail Saw is the best saw for dovetails and is designed for rip sawing that leaves a smooth, ready-to-glue, finished surface.

I designed my dovetail saw with a .020" thin blade, 22 tpi starting teeth and 15 tpi sawing teeth, filed rip, with a minimal 2000th inch (0.002) set per side. The relaxed cutting angle of the small front teeth allows you to start the cut with ease - a major issue with other saws!  The teeth, formed with a diamond-saw, slice cleanly and precisely through wood fibers.  The minimal set creates a small kerf that guides the saw straight in the crosscut while the shallow 1-5/8 inch depth of blade (tooth-line to brass back) helps with stability while sawing to a line. The pistol grip handle conforms to your hand for a perfect, repeatable fit every time.

Product Details:

  • Size. Overall length (Toe to Handle tip): 15 - 1/8 inches.  Blade length (Toe to heal): 10 inches. Depth of plate under the back: 1 - 5/8 inches.

  • Weight: 22-24 ounces. 

  • Blade. Each of our dovetail saw blades is made from .020 thick, spring steel.

  • Tooth Geometry.  Filed rip with a two-stage pitch. The first two inches of each dovetail saw is filed at 22 teeth per inch (TPI) and a 30 degree negative tooth rake, which allows you to easily start a cut. The rest of the blade is filed at 15 tpi and a 0 degree tooth rake allowing you to finish the cut with just a few strokes.

  • Set. Unlike most saw manufacturers who stamp out their saw teeth, leaving "dimples" in the blade, we individually cut out each of our saw teeth with a diamond saw.  This allows us to maintain a very slight set of only .002 inch (per side), since we don't introduce that "dimple" onto the blade.  This slight set produces a narrow .024 inch kerf that eliminates slop allowing the saw blade to accurately track in the saw kerf resulting in dead straight saw cuts with smooth ready-to-glue surfaces.

  • Brass Back: Rob Cosman dovetail saws have a 1/4″ thick x 7/8″ wide brass back secured to the blade with peened and flushed copper pins.  Not only does the brass look wonderful but it imparts extra weight to the saw, as compared to other saws, that provides you a better balanced saw, allows the saw to do the cutting work, and helps you "feel" perpendicular.

  • Handle. Our unique "pistol grip" handles have memory enhancing carved finger recesses for a perfect and comfortable fit. A pair of brass split nuts secures the handle to the blade and the brass back.  Our standard saw handles are available in Swanstone, a resin-composite material reinforced with glass for durability.  

  • Handle Size & Determining your Size: Our handles come in two sizes: Regular and Large.  Please refer to the picture above showing how to measure your hand and determine what size handle is correct for you size hand.

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Mark P.
United States United States

A beautiful workhorse

This saw is everything claimed. Thoughtful design and it performs.

Stven R.
United States United States

New Dovetail Saw Comments

My new Cosman dovetail saw arrived yesterday. I should confess initially that I choked on the price for a while until I compared the prices of dovetail saws from other vendors. They cost more but did not have the advantages of the Cosman dovetail saw. I am an old geezer and have trouble sleeping at night. Consequently, at 1:30 AM I completed my first dovetail joint with the new saw. My hands are rather large and this saw is the first one that actually fits my hand comfortably. The higher tooth count at the front tip really did make getting the kerf started easier plus the narrow set and heavier support on the top required less force during the stroke. I generally set my own saw teeth after sharpening so I know that a standard saw set results with a wider kerf which means more wood must be removed during the cut. I had been using a plain vanilla backsaw for my dovetail joints. The first thing I noticed was the size of the saw dust particles was much finer so I knew the cut surface would be smoother. Of course, that was the case. With my old saw I always had to do some dressing up of the cut surfaces with a hand chisel. With this saw I went from making saw cuts directly to joint assembly which was by hand with no use of a mallet. In summary, I could not be happier with this purchase. But the most astonishing part of this experience is the personal telephone call I received from Rob Cosman to thank me for my purchase. No other vendor does that and it has made the entire experience memorable. Thanks, Rob. Steven L. Ross,

William E.
United States United States

Dovetail saw

Haven’t had the opportunity yet but the saw is beautiful. I’m still putting my dovetail tools together and when done I’ll let you know.

Daniel E.
United States United States

Terrific saw!!

I haven’t used this beauty much… I have a bunch of other saws that seemed ok, except I rarely used them. Then I got this one, I put a pinboard in the vice, and scribed a line on it, approximating a dovetail joint. I set the new Cosman saw down on the line, took two gentle strokes, and there I was, past the reference line!! Suddenly, I KNOW I can cut sweet dovetails. Back up, design something, then put this baby to use!!! Sweet!

Brian M.
United States United States

Dovetail saw

I like the saw a lot. I’m still trying to improve my dovetails.